I continue to hear the liberals like President Obama and Secretary of State and presumed Democrat Party nominee Hillary Clinton point to the access to weapons and mental instability as the cause and explanation of the many Islamic attacks we are facing including the awful, bloodiest and deadliest shooting in American history yesterday in Orlando.

I say that it’s crazy to believe all these Jihadists suffer from mental illness. Think about how stupid the thought is. The problem is, that the true answer is not consistent with universal and unquestionable inclusiveness and tolerance as steadfast liberal Democrats push and preach (national security and lives be damned)!

All of al Qa’eda, the Taliban, al Shabaab, Abu Sayyaf, Janjaweed, Boko Haram, Saudi morality police, Sudanese leaders, the Ayatollah and his strong armed Revolutionary Guard, the endless Pakistan and Afghanistan “honor killing” participants, Hamas and al Aqsar Martyrs Brigade are ALL crazy?

Was every kamikaze pilot in the Japanese military bi-polar nutzo? Do you possibly convince yourself that each and every Nazi German Gestapo machine gunner who shredded 3,000 Jews a day to pieces before they were buried in trenches were manic depressive fruitcakes? Or were they part of a larger, equally evil larger body with an agenda that had an end game that few can even bring themselves to think of in great detail?

Even the Elizabeth Warrens of the world know I’m right but the liberals have discovered in any admittance that their political adversaries happen to be right.

When Dylann Roof shot and murdered 9 completely innocent African American Christians in their church in Charleston, South Carolina, the liberals went ballistic looking to tear down Confederate flags based on Roof's statements following his arrest and based on the investigation into his background. So where are the liberals when it comes to the known statements of Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen who told police he swore an allegiance to ISIS?

Ours is the culture that is worth preserving and defending. Our way of life is morally and logically superior to some in this world. Unless a strong leader takes action, the greatest country on Earth will continue to wake up to the news stories such as the one on Sunday morning from Orlando, Florida.