It's as if heaven opened up over the SouthCoast and rained down blessings in the form of rice pudding.

If you've never had rice pudding before, you're missing out. It's a gift from the gods, a decadent dessert, a sweet treat that pairs with almost anything Portuguese. Sunrise Bakery and Coffee Shop on Dartmouth Street in Dartmouth has found a way to take the deliciousness to the next level.

I'm talking about Rice. Pudding. Donuts.

Sunrise Bakery & Coffee Shop via Facebook
Sunrise Bakery & Coffee Shop via Facebook

Lisa Amaral is one of the executive bakers at Sunrise and sister of owner Manny Amaral. It's thanks to her that we've been graced with this beautiful marriage of two popular desserts: rice pudding and donuts.

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One day, Amaral was slicing a piece of Portuguese sweet bread in half and decided to spread rice pudding between the two pieces.

Sunrise Bakery & Coffee Shop via Facebook
Sunrise Bakery & Coffee Shop via Facebook

"It started with sweet bread and as a joke, but ended up becoming very popular and was selling out fast," Lisa said. "Next thing you know, we started thinking about specialty donuts, and right away we knew it had to be made with rice pudding."

From what I've heard, each donut is worth the $2.99 price tag. That is, if you can get your hands on one.

"We started doing this about two weeks ago and it's been such a craze," Amaral said. "As soon as we unlock the doors, people are waiting for the donuts. They sell out almost immediately."

Good luck getting your hands on these sweet treats since they're only offered on Thursday on a first-come, first-served basis. The same goes for rice pudding sweet bread.

"It's a process to make," Amaral said, noting the rice pudding takes much longer than donuts. However, once the pudding is ready, it's packed into freshly made donuts  and topped off with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

If you ask me, it's worth breaking a diet over.

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