I currently have two nephews, with a third on the way. I also babysit for kids between the ages of three and six. My Christmas shopping list will be a little varied, but I'm a big fan of one-stop shopping. Thankfully, I live approximately seven minutes away from a great little local gift shop that I almost forgot about.

The gift shop at Buttonwood Park Zoo is filled with items that are the perfect fit for all of the kiddos on my list. Boys, girls, newborns, toddlers, and elementary-school-aged. Heck, I even found a few things for the adults in my life.

The first person on my list is the little prince expected to arrive in January of 2020. This little one has yet to be named, but we know that he will be sleeping comfortably in his jungle/safari-themed nursery. For him, I wanted to check out the Milkbarn collection, as well as a few other items.

Buttonwood Park Zoo Christmas Shopping 2019 - Newborn

I love the "boutique" look of these outfits. And I know a few moms expecting little princesses who would love the matching bows. The Tasty Tie is absolutely adorable. Little Dude will be the best-dressed one-month-old this Valentine's Day.

Next up on my list are the three toddlers. Vinny is three and a half and is entering the dinosaur stage. Hudson is two and a half and loves trains. Samuel just turned one last month and is in awe of everything. All of them love books, so that makes it a little easier. For them, I found a few different options.

Buttonwood Park Zoo Christmas Shopping 2019 - Toddler

I have to say, I'm kind of obsessed with the name train. It's the perfect toy for Hudson to play with, but it doubles an adorable decoration piece for his bedroom as well. The dinosaur outfit is amazing for Vinny. I love the spikes on the sweatshirt and the little dino on the bum. The Dino Claw and the pet dino complete this prehistoric look. Samuel loves storytime, and I think the puppets would help bring it to life.

Lacey is six and spends a lot of time outside on adventures. I wanted to find her something that would help keep her warm, but look great on hikes, too. She also loves her plush toys, and I was pleased to find more than just your average stuffed animals.

Buttonwood Park Zoo Christmas Shopping 2019 - Elementary

A stuffed avocado and a cloud. A unicorn sweatshirt with matching pants and a horse outfit, too. By the way, I did not realize that not only were snap bracelets back in style, some of them now have stuffed animals attached to them, like the octopus. It's called a Huggy and I'll take four. And last but not least, Frozen II just came out and that merchandise is sure to be a hot item this Christmas. The mini water bottles are fun, yet practical.

Christmas is just one month away, so if you need a little something to enjoy this holiday season, consider stopping by the Buttonwood Park Zoo gift shop on Black Friday. The parking lot fits over 100 cars and you can avoid that Black Friday rush that will clog up the stores. Plus, spending your money here benefits the Zoological Society which means you're doing good for the animals that reside at Buttonwood, and helping to enhance your next trip to the zoo.

Have the kids write a letter to Santa and drop it in the big red mailbox. Grab a Christmas Eve Box for them to enjoy a glass of milk while they write their list at home on Christmas Eve.

Buttonwood Park Zoo Christmas Shopping 2019 - Christmas specific

Christmas isn't just for children, but for everyone. So celebrate with a brand new mug to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Send a Christmas card, write your own letter to Santa, or buy a new platter to serve Christmas cookies for the jolly man in red.

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