I've spent the majority of my life in Westport and have never seen anything like this.

As my wife and I left a visit with my parents over the weekend, we noticed something strange in the sky from a distance and decided to take a closer look. As we pulled onto Sodom Road, that's when we realized what was hovering over an old farm.

Hundreds of birds were circling one another in a majestic yet eerie dance above a dusty field full of old farm equipment. The visual is burned into my brain.

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It was nothing less than mesmerizing as a swarm of gulls, crows, blackbirds and other smaller birds made a furious rotation above Mike Perry's Twin Willow Farm. I suppose there could have been a dead animal or something on the ground, but as I waited to see if the birds eventually swoop down, nothing happened.

I'm glad I captured video, but even it doesn't do the scene justice.

I've heard stories of odd behavior birds will display in bad weather, but it was a Top 10 day with a rare visit from the sun after weeks of clouds.

Now, I'm aware of "murmurations," in which birds will swarm in large groups to share information on food sources or even when predators are within sight, but this was mid-afternoon in an open field. I was not aware of any food or nearby predators.

If any ornithologists in the area could explain what exactly I was seeing, that would be grand. Shoot me an email at Gazelle@Fun107.com and talk birds with me, please and thank you in advance.

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