These are not the best of times for Democrats looking to unseat President Trump in next year's elections or by whatever means possible before then.

The Democrat party has devoted most of its time to attempting to overturn the results of the last election and have done precious little to prepare for the next election cycle, and are therefore woefully unprepared.

Party leaders preoccupied with impeachment and investigations have allowed the party and its message to be hijacked by the extreme left wing. As a result, the party faithful feels lost and abandoned. This is not good. Voters are not happy with the Democrats' positions on border security, all of the "free stuff" being offered and promises to raise taxes.

In a sea of social Democrats, Joe Biden has emerged as the candidate with whom many mainstream Democrats can identify most closely. But Biden's got troubles. Big troubles. Biden has been a gaffe machine since well before his plagiarism days and all of that touchy-feely stuff in the Me Too age makes many uncomfortable.

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Biden is the frontrunner for the Democrat nomination simply because there is no one else. Extract Biden from the race and your frontrunners are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Trump looks Reagaesque by comparison.

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There is still time to replace Biden, or at least for another top-tier Democrat to enter the race. It would have to be someone with amazing name recognition, money and the ability to raise a lot more money. That wouldn't be easy but it can be done.

The biggest names available to the Democrats right now have already indicated that they have no interest in running. They include Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and the dreaded Hillary Clinton.

Unless the Democrats can turn this thing around quickly, they run the risk of a humiliating defeat at the polls next year. Consecutive losses to Trump could be just what it takes to crush the Democrat Party as we know it.

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