Hotspots for bacteria include your toilet, your tub, your garbage receptacle, doorknobs, faucet handles and counter tops, right? Well, kinda. But there's more E. coli lurking in your kitchen sink and on that dish rag or sponge that you've been using over and over again!

After owning a restaurant for decades, let me give you my list of places to disinfect: start inside your dishwasher, especially if your plates have some food residue on them. Inside the slots of any wooden knife holder! Around the inside of your can opener. Around the water dispenser built in your refrigerator door. Rubber tipped utensils for scraping cake batter, etc. Tupperware lids and moister inside stacked containers. Cutting boards of all kinds are loaded with germs.

A lot of times, it's not the obvious places that need a good bleaching, but rather places we hardly think of.