Pets are someone's best friend, and you can't spend a holiday without your best friend. It doesn't matter what kind of pet you have--a big one, a small one, fluffy, hairless, scaly or slivery. Pets make a big difference in someone's life, so why not celebrate the holidays with them?

Some people see their pets as their children and take care of them as such. It always so cute to look at all these pets and see how happy they are with their new holiday outfits or even standing next to beautiful Christmas trees. Some of these pets also look like they can play the next Grinch, with a look showing just how over Christmas they are. But they're all adorable, spending time with their family and making everyone happy.

Maybe after these photos, you'll want to stop by a local animal shelter and adopt a pet or five to take home with you.

Holiday Pets 2018

With additional reporting by Sasha Machado


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