The Bone Orchard, Paul Doiron's latest Mike Bowditch thriller, starts with heart-pounding narrative from an award-winning author who seemed so down-to-earth and relaxed as we enjoyed a virtual cup of coffee and some fascinating conversation about how he creates action-packed page turners!

Most readers who pick up a Paul Doiron novel become instantly hooked and The Bone Orchard adds to the healthy addiction! Paul Doiron (pronounced DWAR-ren) was born to communicate through the written word. Anyone who can make a page in a novel smell just like the sweet scent of blooming wildflowers is a master at his craft.

Paul Doiron's style and tone is so unique, it would be difficult to duplicate. The same can be said about his protagonist, former Maine game warden Mike Bowditch and the relationships he finds in the plantation of mystery in The Bone Orchard. Just the title alone should be fair warning you have entered a one-of-a-kind grove!