It's official Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines is the number one song of the summer of 2013! Robin gets a little help from T.I. and Pharrell Williams on this chart buster. Thicke's song blows the competition away when it comes to the radio audience, so far the song has reached over 242 million listeners and growing!

I got to wondering what were the number one songs from the past five summers.

2012: Call Me MAybe

The number one song from the summer of 2012 by far was Carly Ray Jepson with Call Me Maybe.  The summer song that inspired video's to be made by college students, high school kids and just about anyone with a camera.

2011: Party Rock Anthem

Back in the summer of 2011 the country was having a blast with LMFAO with their Party Rock Anthem.

2010: California Gurls

In the summer of 2010 we played Katy Perry's California Gurls extra loud when it came on the radio, Katy did get some help from Snoop Dogg on this one!

2009: I Got A Feeling

Back in 2009 the summer song that year was a song that was an anthem for many a party, it was Will I Am, Fergie and the crew of Black Eyed Peas with I Got a Feeling!  The song still gets people going at dances and weddings.

So which song do you think is the best summer song of the past five years?