The BayCoast Bank Best Stand Contest is new to Lemonade Day this year and it's super easy to enter!

Last year we had so many great stands set up around town and each stand seemed more and more elaborate as our Lemonade Day Tour went on. This year, with so many more stands, there's no way we'll be able to stop at all of them!

Once your stand is up and running, have your mentor snap a photo of you and your stand and post it to our Greater Fall River Lemonade Day Facebook page and voila! You're entered into the best stand contest!

We'll take all of those photos and let people vote on their favorite stand from May 8th - May 15th and announce our winner on-air, Monday, May 16th. The winner (or winners if it's a two-man stand) will earn themselves a $100 Visa check card, courtesy of BayCoast Bank.