Taunton native Kathleen Baptista, a.k.a. Little Mean Kathleen, is a lady wrestler. But she's not the kind of lady wrestler you might be thinking of – she's way better. Little Mean Kathleen is a self-labeled “young and buff” machine, inspired by Guy Fieri, Spike Dudley, and the over-the-top campy female wrestlers of the '80s.

Like many, she started watching wrestling as a teenager and was instantly hooked.

“Pretty soon after I started watching, I knew I wanted to be a wrestler," she said. "I was at a Top Rope show with my dad in Brockton and at the end of the show they mentioned an open house for new students at their school. I went and never stopped going!”

What will catch your attention most, aside from Little Mean Kathleen’s height, is her iconic style. Channeling her favorite women wrestlers of the 1980s, you can count on seeing a lot of neon, tie-dye, zebra stripes, fishnets, and scrunchies.

“Women’s wrestling was different back then, there was a lot of character work in the '80s, now it's more about athleticism now," she said. "I’m not the super-sexy woman wrestler; that’s not my thing. But no matter what, there’s always someone in the crowd who likes my style.”

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Little Mean Kathleen said she is similar to WWE’s Spike Dudley – portrayed by Providence native Matt Hyson – the small underdog who people assume can’t win, but then goes crazy in the ring. She also has a passion for Guy Fieri and loves taking her opponents to Flavortown.

Law student by day, and one of only a handful of trained female wrestlers by night, Little Mean Kathleen debuted on the wrestling scene in November of 2019 and is taking her crazy outfits and signature "Deadly Dog" move to rings across New England through Top Rope Promotions.

“I’ll go wherever this business takes me," she said. "Maybe one day I’ll be at my dream venue, Madison Square Garden."

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