TAUNTON — Taunton city officials announced Thursday an initiative to increase enforcement of regulations on the use of all-terrain vehicles and bikes in an effort to crack down on reckless and unsafe driving.

Police will strictly enforce all laws and ordinances regulating ATVs and bikes on public roadways and city-owned facilities and parks, Taunton Mayor Shaunna O’Connell and Police Chief Edward Walsh stated in a joint release.

Authorities will focus particularly in the area of Hopewell Park.

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Taunton police will conduct increased patrols in target areas like Hopewell Park to address reports of youths operating ATVs and bikes erratically, according to the release.

A security guard will also be patrolling the Hopewell Park area along with the extra police details to augment security coverage over the summer.


“Summer is the time when our kids and families most enjoy the outdoors. Disruptive
behavior is not acceptable at our parks and on our streets," said O’Connell.

"We call on parents and guardians to partner with us in ensuring that kids are behaving appropriately and riding their bikes in safe ways."

"If these bike riders insist on causing problems, there will be consequences,” she added.


"Members of the Taunton Police Department will be working collaboratively with the Mayor's Office and the Parks & Recreation Department to help resolve the city's ongoing issue of disruptive and unruly ATV and bike operation on our streets and at our public parks," Walsh said.

"Our roadways and parks are for all to enjoy, and as such our community members should not be disturbed by unlawful and unruly operators."

Police have the authority to impound any recreational vehicle found impeding traffic, threatening public safety, or if they believe there is a danger of damage to the vehicle itself, the release stated.


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