Taunton's Finn Paradis is turning three on Friday, January 28 and his family says good ol’ fashion snail mail is his number one wish.

You may have read about Finn previously, as his trips to the clinic inspired his family to start Finn’s Wheels of Hope, a charity effort to give foldable wagons to families during extended in-patient status to ease the burden of multiple trips back and forth to the car.

Since being diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain tumor in 2020, Finn has undergone two major brain surgeries, eight rounds of high-dose chemotherapy, multiple hospital stays, and receives daily chemotherapy maintenance at home.

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Sharon Paradis

Over the past year, the community has rallied behind his parents Sharon and Ryan to help with financial support, meal trains, and more to help them focus their time and energy on Finn’s fight. Now, they want that same collective energy to go towards fan mail for Finn to help get him refocused when he returns home each day.

“We have to get the mail when he isn’t paying attention. He thinks it’s all for him now," Sharon said.

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Finn loves getting mail, from cards to drawings and especially words of encouragement as he begins six straight weeks of five-day-per-week radiation treatments for his brain and spine.

The family said people have been really generous with toys and things for Finn, but the mail is what is really important from now through early March.

Finn loves animals, dinosaurs, Baby Yoda, Marvel characters, and Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Anyone of any age wishing to send Finn a message of hope, well wishes on his third birthday, drawings, and more can send them to his home address at 2308 County Street, East Taunton, MA 02718.

Sharon Paradis
Sharon Paradis

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