Over 650 Taunton 7th graders gathered in the Taunton High School auditorium for a presentation about how decision making effects their futures Wednesday through a partnership between the U.S. Attorney's Office, Taunton Public Schools and the Bristol County District Attorney's Office. 

The two part "Your Future, Your Decision" program featured speakers as well as a resource fair for the students who will be entering high school this fall.

The common theme throughout the speaking program was to take advantage of mentors and other support structures available through school and local organizations.

"You have the confidence, you have the ability to do whatever you want in life and it doesn't matter where you start out, there are people who will support you along the way," said Jennifer Sowa, Second Assistant District Attorney of Bristol County.

The program was created by U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz to emphasize the importance of good decisions making, while also showing young students it's never too late to turn poor decisions around.

"It's not just about always making the right decision in life but we always incorporate someone who didn't make the right decisions in the past and has truly turned their life around and I think that's another person the kids can always identify with," Ortiz said.

Aimee Gantt spoke about her poor choices as a young teen and how she turned things around for herself with the help of support and mentors. She told students that the bumps and turns along the road of life are what make them who they are.

"If I had the chance to change anything in my life, anything from when I was a teenager, I wouldn't change a thing," Gantt said. "What we all go through, all those struggles that happen, it makes you who you are."

Other speakers included Taunton Mayor Tom Hoye and Police Chief Edward Walsh, who stressed the importance of keeping things clean on social media profiles and to think before acting on something that seems foolish.

Following the speaking program, students explored a resource fair offering after school and summer programs from local organizations.

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