Officials in Fall River are expressing concern after a series of suspicious fires have taken place near the Ruggles Park area.

Deputy Fire Chief Roger St. Martin tells WBSM News the fires have taken place since August and while there have been suspicious fires across the city, but having so many occur in one specific area is a major cause for concern.

"The issue is, there's quite a few fires in a generalized area, whether it be house fires, car fires, or trash fires, or any hostile fires in a specific area, that gives us concern, that's our issue right now in that area," said St. Martin.

A task force has been formed consisting of investigators from the Massachusetts State Police, State Fire Marshal's Office, Fall River Police, and the Fall River Fire Department.

St. Martin says they are looking at some individuals as persons of interest but there's no information that conclusively proves the fires are the work of one person or group.

"We haven't narrowed it down to one person," says St. Martin "and because they're different types of fires that we've had and the different ways the fires have started are all different, we can't connect them right now."

Anyone who observes any suspicious activity to report it to police or fire officials immediately, with St. Martin saying that in one instance a person was actually seen lighting a fire.

"So if you see that obviously let us know, and try to get a general description of the person," said St. Martin "other than that, you just want to be on alert, and if you smell smoke, notify the fire department, if you see anything suspicious notify the fire or police department."

St. Martin also says to be watchful of people entering unoccupied or abandoned buildings as fires there can easily spread to homes and businesses with people inside.

The most recent fire took place at around 1:45 a.m. Monday at 295 Robeson St.