Voc Tech

George Heath Named Carnegie Hero Fund Winner
PITTSBURGH (AP) - A Massachusetts man who died saving a waitress from being stabbed by a mentally ill man and a 12-year-old Pennsylvania boy who died trying to save his father from a house fire are among 20 people being honored with Carnegie medals for heroism...
Bring Voc-Tech Education to Middle Schools [Poll]
Imagine pinches of auto shop, cooking classes or nursing mixed in with a middle school curriculum. Brian believes several middle schools should inject voc-tech style education within their frameworks.
There can be middle school concentrating on auto and building trades...
Jimmy Owens Escorted Out of Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech
The father of an outspoken student at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech is let go from his position at the school.
According to the Standard Times, guidance counselor Jimmy Owens was escorted out of the building Tuesday morning. In a statement, Superintendent James O'Brien indicated Owens' dismi…

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