Director: Theater Threat Came from ISIS
With the report last week of a threat against theaters showing the film Range 15, Dartmouth police added extra detail to AMC Theater at the mall on Wednesday night. However, the police called the threat "non-specific" and gave no details as to where the threat may have originated.
But accor…
Mitchell on Brussels
Many large cities across the world are still on alert after Tuesday's terror attacks in Brussels.
New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell says just because the Whaling City doesn't have towering buildings or a bustling transportation system doesn't mean we can't be a target...
Controversial Filming
I still look back in amazement at the events that we now refer to as the Boston Marathon Bombing. It all seemed so surreal at the time. I was working in the newsroom when the bombs went off, and we couldn't believe what was unfolding before our eyes...
Travel Warning
The State Department is alerting Americans to the possible risks of travel due to increased terrorist threats around the world.
July 4th Terror Threats
The FBI and Homeland Security came out this week, warning of increased terrorist communication activity ahead of the Independence Day weekend. Both entities say there is a heightened concern of terror attacks targeting Fourth of July celebrations...
Terror Charges
A criminal complaint says two men are charged with conspiring to help the Islamic State group by plotting with a Boston terror suspect to kill U.S. citizens to support the group's objectives.
Reports Prompt Precaution
With reports of Libyan airliners falling into the hands of Islamic extremists, airports around the world are on high alert.
Mayor Jon Mitchell says New Bedford is no exception. Mitchell says while he has little information on the latest reports, he's confident Bridgewater State University's Flight Ac…
Disabled Veterans Raise Flags for 9/11 Victims
Local disabled veterans raised flags today in remebrance of those who perished in the 9/11 attacks eleven years ago, and those who have served overseas since that fateful day.
The disabled vets gathered on Willis Street in New Bedford to raise the flags, holding prayers, moments of silence, and singi…