shut down

Fishermen Meet, Craft Letter
Representatives of the fishermen and others affected by NOAA's decision to halt commercial groundfishing in Sector IX due to the actions of "The Codfather" Carlos Rafael have crafted a letter explaining why they feel the decision was unjust.
Sector IX Shut Down
The federal government says a group of commercial fishing operations dominated by a magnate known as "The Codfather" will be shut down for the rest of the season.
Route 18 Flooding
If you don't need to go out Tuesday afternoon, you should probably stay put.
Lots of localized flooding is reported around the City of New Bedford.
Deputy D-P-I Commissioner Zeb Arruda has toured some of the flooded areas, and doesn't like what he sees.
Turbine Shut Down
The Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals has temporarily shut down one of the town's twin wind turbines after six years of legal battles with neighbors.
State Department Hacked
The State Department's unclassified email system is shut down because someone hacked into it.
A Department official says the system is offline after "activity of concern" was detected recently.
The official says no classified systems were compromised...