Massachusetts Senate

OPINION|Barry Richard: Montigny Votes for Sanctuary State
The Massachusetts Senate has endorsed an amendment to the FY19 budget that, for all intents and purposes, would make Massachusetts a sanctuary state.
The measure is so off the wall that six Democrats ran for cover and joined their Republican colleagues in voting against it, including Westport's …
Senate Leadership Coup
There has been a coup d’état on Beacon Hill that will usher in our third State Senate President in just eight months.
Ways and Means Committee Chair Karen Spilka (D-Ashland) announced in March that she had enough votes to secure the presidency...
Market NB Made Stuff
New Bedford does a poor job in marketing locally made products. For that matter, Massachusetts as a whole doesn't do much better. We are often encouraged to "shop local," but it's difficult to know where to find locally made stuff or what stuff even exists...

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