The Massachusetts Senate is set to vote on a bill that would establish an alternative for those who won't decide if they are male or female. The bill would require the RMV to make a third, gender-neutral option available for applicants for licenses and would allow folks to change the sex listed on their birth certificate to male, female or X.

The Gender X bill is pandering at its best. It's being called a civil rights issue. Wow! That's insulting to anyone who ever actually put it on the line in the name of civil rights.

Senate President Karen Spilka (D-Ashland) says the legislation is "very special" to her and is considered a signature priority. Spilka says she launched her crusade for Gender X on behalf of a constituent she now counts among her close pals. Spilka says, "It's simply about letting people be who they are and I believe it is a civil rights issue."

The bill passed the Senate last year but died in the House.

Perhaps instead of this legislation, Spilka and the other numbskulls who will vote on this should study some basic biology. There are but two genders. Period. Males who wish to be or think they are female and vice versa are welcome to do that all day long. It's their right. But Massachusetts IDs and birth certificates should be required to contain accurate information; otherwise, they are worthless.

Politicians who chose to pander to special interests are simply wasting taxpayer time and money and should take their jobs more seriously. By the way, Spilka's other major legislative priority this session is to raise taxes in order to deal with climate change in Massachusetts.

See what happens when you don't take voting seriously?

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