Humbug Pastor Ruins Christmas
Maybe we should call him "Reverend Grinch."
Evangelical "street pastor" David Grisham recently took it upon himself to show up at a Texas mall and tell a group of children waiting in line to see Santa Claus the "truth" about the Jolly Old Elf, and…
Holy Moly
It's the second coming of Fairhaven Jesus.  Today marks Mel Larson's (aka Fairhaven Jesus') return to the Southcoast and his first stop was none other than his alma mater Fairhaven High School.
Fairhaven Jesus Returns
That's right! The man masquerading as Jesus Christ is back in Fairhaven.
His name is Malvin "Mel" Larsen, and he has a tremendous story to share. This is the second summer Mel has appeared in the Greater New Bedford area dressed in a white robe and wearing a crown of thorns...
Face Of Jesus In Landslide
The face of Jesus has turned up along a hillside in Columbia following a landslide! Police had to be called in to control the crowds as curiosity seekers, skeptics and believers alike descended on the hill to catch a glimpse of what some are calling a miracle...
2014 Top Stories - Fairhaven Jesus
He seemed to appear out of nowhere, and started what some may call a "mini-revival" in Greater New Bedford. Malvin "Mel" Larsen, dubbed "Fairhaven Jesus" by those who saw him along the Route 6 corridor, was very visible in the summer months of 2014, making it a point to…

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