Immigration Reform

Politically Charged Superbowl Commercial
In the second quarter of the Big Game Sunday, you may catch one beer commercial that is sobering. Budweiser's spot tells the story of the founders Eberhard Anheuser and Adolphus Busch. It's a compelling and attractive spot that shows the hardships that Busch faced emigrating from Germany t…
Hodgson, Sheriffs To Demand Tighter Border Security
Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson will be joining law enforcement personnel from around the country in Washington on Wednesday, demanding better border security.
They're also stating their opposition to what they call the "executive amnesty" of illegal immigrants...
Hodgson Organizing Caravan To Secure Borders
Sheriffs across the country are being recruited to make a statement about border security and immigration reform.
Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson says both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have failed to act on immigration reform, and in the meantime, immigrants are entering this country almo…

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