[Richard] New Beauty and the Beast To Include Gay Scene
I am not a homophobe but I don't get the need to re-write Disney's Beauty and the Beast to include what has been described by Attitude Magazine as an "explicitly gay scene."
Disney releases it's live action version of it's 1991 animated classic on March 17th and  Director Bill Condon tells …
Barry Richard - Same Old Social Warriors Looking For A Cause
The same old stale protesters with the same old stale message.
About 30 people, some from as far away as Hyannis, participated in what has been called a “Won't Go Back” protest in New Bedford on Sunday. Organizers say the demonstration was an effort to “educate” the community about the group's “prog…
Transgender Debate Shifts To Massachusetts
The  debate over where transgender folk can relieve themselves in public accommodations shifts this week from North Carolina to Massachusetts as lawmakers are expected to take up two versions of a transgender rights bill.
The Senate is set to vote on Thursday on the original bill which has languished…
Boston City Council Bans Travel to North Carolina
BOSTON (AP) _ Boston is banning city travel to North Carolina in response to a new state law that critics say discriminates against gay and transgender people.
The Boston Globe reports that Boston's city council approved a measure this week prohibiting taxpayer-funded travel to North Carolina...
Can Somebody PLEASE Explain Gender-Neutral To Me?
I'm not afraid to say it. I don't get it.
Straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender. I get all of those. While I don't necessarily agree with some of them, it's clear to me that it's one gender or the other.
So what on Earth is gender-neutral...
Gay group wants to march 'openly' in Boston parade
Associated Press - A gay rights advocacy group is pushing for gay people to be allowed to march ``openly and honestly'' in Boston's St. Patrick's Day parade.
On Saturday, MassEquality Executive Director Kara Coredini said a group of gay military veterans would be allowed to march …

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