FALL RIVER - A culinary teacher at Diman Regional Voc-Tech in Fall River is being accused by several students of making anti-gay remarks.

The accusation started as a Facebook post Tuesday night that went viral.

Marissa Farias says her 16-year-old brother, Joshua, had made a gingerbread house with a rainbow-colored roof for a culinary project when Chef Jeffrey Coulombe made the insensitive remarks. "He was really proud of his work with his friend. And when the chef saw it, he said, “Don't be surprised if this is in the trash tomorrow,’” Farias told ABC6 News.

Marissa says the chef also said to her brother, "If you feel the need to express yourself and your diversity, we have clubs for that."

Superintendent Thomas Aubin says his administration has investigated the reported incident without a finding. Supt. Aubin chalks the matter up to a miscommunication.

Farias has since removed the Facebook post.

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