Local democrats march in protest of President-Elect Donald Trump in downtown New Bedford. | Greg Desrosiers/TSM

The same old stale protesters with the same old stale message.

About 30 people, some from as far away as Hyannis, participated in what has been called a “Won't Go Back” protest in New Bedford on Sunday. Organizers say the demonstration was an effort to “educate” the community about the group's “progressive values,” and how to keep them from eroding under the incoming administration of President-Elect Donald Trump.

The best I have been able to determine from co-organizer, Lisa Lemeuix of the Service Employees Union 1199 is that the group fears that certain “gains” in workers and women's rights are at risk as are those of immigrants and the gay community once Trump takes office next month. Lemeuix was unable to offer specifics of how that might happen.

Protesters also expressed concerns about racial injustice and Lemeuix spoke of the need for a $15 minimum wage. One protester from Hyannis carried a sign that read, “Veterans Against Fascism,” whatever the hell that means, while another hoisted a placard that stated, “Not My President.”

Many of the folks behind these demonstrations are the same old and tired faces that have protested for years, many with a socialistic bent, that look for and exploit openings for the benefit of their own minority beliefs. As is often the case these protesters brought kids with them to help swell the ranks. At least five of the participants on Sunday's march were kids aged 12 and under. The ringleaders though come from the ranks of the SEIU, The Massachusetts Labor Council, the Coalition For Social Justice and of course, the state and local Democrat party. Most of these folks are so far to the left that even Barrack Obama can't see them.

These tired social warriors from another era, many with ties to academia or labor, will never give up in trying to force their socialistic agenda down our throats.

You know, march up and down and “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho” all day long if you want to but you might first wait until Trump has actually taken the oath of office and done something before you protest. Otherwise you just look silly.