OPINION|Barry Richard: We Can Beat Back Rising Gas Prices
Gas prices are rising quickly, despite increased production here at home.
The average price per gallon of gasoline has exceeded $2.70 per gallon nationwide, and is expected to increase as the warmer months approach. That has prompted experts to predict more families will be forced to take "s…
Diesel Fuel Spill Reported in New Bedford Harbor
NEW BEDFORD - A diesel fuel spill in New Bedford's harbor has been contained.
New Bedford Fire Chief Michael Gomes tells WBSM News the spill was reported around 7:15 a.m. by the crew of the fishing vessel "Predator," which is docked at Leonard's Wharf...
Taylor Puts His Gas Tank to the Test on Snapchat
I recently took a trip to Acton, Massachusetts, which is over an hour away from New Bedford.
When I started to leave Acton, I looked at my fuel gauge. I was approaching 1/8 of a tank left. Instead of filling up, I decided to make the lonesome drive home much more interesting...