detective Kyle Costa

Scams are everywhere
Scam artists are everywhere and they are looking for unsuspecting residents to prey on. Locally, Dartmouth Detective Kyle Costa said thieves are calling local residents claiming to be IRS agents and saying they owe back taxes and will be arrested if they don't pay up...
Telephone Scammers Strike In Dartmouth
Its been happening all over the Southcoast and now its happening in Dartmouth.
Telephone scammers, claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service, are trying to take your money and acquire your personal information.
The caller tells the victim they face arrest if they do not pay the back taxes they …
Dartmouth Police Warn Residents About House Breaks
Dartmouth Police are advising residents to take precautions following a recent increase in housebreaks.
Detective Kyle Costa says residents should lock their doors and windows and activate alarm systems if they have one.
He also advises being cautious about what you post on social media sites...