Shelter Opening
The emergency overflow shelter at the Sister Rose House in New Bedford will be opening tonight to shield people from the elements.
The Bridge is Closed
NEW BEDFORD - The New Bedford/Fairhaven bridge is once again closed to vehicular traffic this morning.
In all likelihood, the below freezing temperatures are meddling with the bridge's machinery. Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, are known to negatively impact the 116-year-old bridge≈…
Bridge Closed
NEW BEDFORD - The New Bedford/Fairhaven Bridge is closed to vehicular traffic this morning as temperatures dipped as low as 8 degrees.
Officials say there is an issue with the bridge's gate. Maintenance crews are working to remedy the problem...
Winter Whooping?
If you are planning to spent the winter in Southern California or in the desert Southwest dry, warm breezes await you.  The rest of the country, not so much.  AccuWeather says the rest of the nation can anticipate the winter weather abyss.
The Best 'It's So Cold...' Jokes 2016
The bitter cold is going to set in the Southcoast this weekend. Temperatures in the low teens means prime time cuddle sessions this Valentine's Day. Also a great time to brush up on your "It's So Cold" jokes!

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