Coalition for Social Justice

Will Address City Hall Rally
While I still have many issues with the Mitchell Administration's decision to allow city sponsorship of today's progressive rally in City Hall Square, I have accepted a invitation to speak at the event.  Here is why.
Today's event, spearheaded by the city's Human Re…
Gov. Rally A Trump Basher?
A number of progressive activists and organizations will gather in Downtown New Bedford tomorrow afternoon for a rally to "celebrate peace, tolerance and diversity."
The rally is being sponsored by The New Bedford Human Relations Commission and The New Bedford Police Department…
Min. Wage Rally
Supporters of a proposed $15/hour minimum wage will be heading to Beacon Hill on Tuesday for a rally and hearing in support of that initiative.
Sentencing Debate In Boston
Proposals for ending mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenders is sparking much debate in Massachusetts.
Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Ralph Gants was among those on Beacon Hill Tuesday calling for the elimination of what he called a ``one-size-fits-all'' approach to…