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SouthCoast Psychic Medium
Local psychic medium Stephanie Burke, one of the hosts of WBSM's "Spooky Southcoast," makes her return to TLC's "Kindred Spirits" this Friday night.
Amy Bruni of 'Ghost Hunters'
If you missed 'Face Your Fear Night' last week, you have another chance to explore the haunted batteries of Fort Taber. On Saturday, October 24th, you can become a real live ghost hunter like Amy Bruni. Grab your flashlight and gather your gear for an adventure like no other...
Amy Bruni Returns to ‘Spooky Southcoast’ This Week
Tonight on Spooky Southcoast, we welcome former Ghost Hunters star Amy Bruni back to the program.
Amy has been a longtime friend of the show, going back to her days before being on the hit SyFy show. She always has unique insight into the topics currently being discussed in the paranormal world, both…