This Friday night, local psychic medium Stephanie Burke makes her return to the hit TLC series Kindred Spirits.

Courtesy TLC

Kindred Spirits follows seasoned paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, as they travel the country trying to help families tormented by paranormal activity in their own homes. With their deeply personal approach, Amy and Adam often end up counseling the dead just as much as they do the living.

The second season kicked off September 15, with an episode focusing on a local landmark, the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast. Season 2 has upped the ante from an already fantastic debut season, essentially turning each episode into an homage to a particular horror movie in style and cinematography, while still presenting actual paranormal investigation in the most truthful way.

Stephanie, one of the co-hosts of WBSM's Spooky Southcoast paranormal radio show, previously appeared in one of the most popular episodes of the first season, "Shoebox Murder." If you haven't seen it, or any of the first season episodes, visit the Kindred Spirits page on TLC's website.

In Friday night's episode, Amy and Adam receive a call from a terrified couple dealing with a mysterious entity that slams doors, moves furniture and even calls out their names. They're fearful that whatever or whoever is in their house seeks to do them harm.

Courtesy TLC

When Amy and Adam are stumped by the activity taking place and who or what might be behind, they bring in Stephanie to offer some guidance through her abilities, to see if she can connect with the entity haunting the home and the frightened couple.

Courtesy TLC

This is the first of two appearances Stephanie filmed for the second season of Kindred Spirits. She's also been making a number of appearances at paranormal events and conventions across the country. But when she's here at home on the SouthCoast, she owns and operates Work It Burke Wellness in New Bedford, offering everything from Reiki healing and training to classes to help people develop their own psychic abilities. And yes, you can go visit her for a psychic or mediumship reading. You can find out everything about her at her website

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