Potholes have been plaguing SouthCoast streets since roads came into existence.

No amount of complaining from drivers seems to budge the powers that be to fix all of the craters, so one Swansea man is taking matters into his own hands by drawing up a fool-proof system of how to avoid them in a popular parking lot that is inundated with these holes.

Rick Ryan has been a Swansea resident since the '80s and has come across his fair share of potholes.

“The pothole issue has been going on for years now,” he said.

As a Realtor, Ryan is tuned in to his community, and in his spare time, he works as an admin for a popular Facebook group. He was noticing a lot of chatter about the Walmart parking lot behind Swansea Mall and how it’s turning into a field of potholes.

“First it was just one entrance, now it’s every single one,” he said.

Ryan got his thinking cap on, grabbed a pen and some paper, and shared his foolproof map of how to avoid the craters.

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“This is an artist’s rendition, drawn to scale, of the best route to take,” he wrote on Facebook. “Other people have mentioned this before, but I hope that once you all see it in great detail that you are able to save your cars from future damage.”

In his incredibly detailed map, the potholes “bigger than my first apartment” stand between the driver and a successful trip to Walmart. Thank goodness for his dotted line to show drivers the safest way to Wally World without sacrificing their ride.

Okay, fine, Ryan is only joking, but truthfully, the pothole problem on the SouthCoast is a serious one.

Will we ever be able to safely navigate our streets without worrying about giant craters in the concrete? I guess Ryan’s map will have to suffice for now.

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