If you know someone trapped in a destructive, high-control, high demand group tune in on Tuesday, July 18 at 9 am on 1420 WBSM. There are over 3000 cults in the United States and that includes here on the South Coast. You probably know someone who has been locked in to a cult or "new religious movement" or an abusive group that often targets students for sex and labor. Remember Jim Jones and The Peoples' Temple? David Koresh and the Branch Davideans, Order of the Solar Temple, The Manson Family and Heaven's Gate all used physical intimidation or brainwashing techniques.

A one-day conference on the UMD campus called, "Spiritual Abuse - A Conference for Victims and Those Who Want Help" is taking place on August 5th. It will be hosted by the ICSA - International Cultic Studies Association and Dartmouth Bible Church.

In anticipation of this first-of-a-kind conference, join local Pastor Neil Christian Damgaard, Bob and Judy Pardon from Meadowhaven in Lakeville and myself as we preview a very important event that will provide support for victims, estranged family members and former cult members.

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