I do a lot of shopping for my family because I am the one on the road the most. I don't mind; in fact, I like shopping for the week's supply of food. I like planning meals and thinking of each of the kids as they realize their dad brought home their favorite this or that. My wife typically avoids the hassles of a busy supermarket when possible.

I have become a consumer, and over the years, a smarter consumer. I look for deals. I look for coupons. I laugh up my sleeve as if I'm being scandalous when I see my savings as a result.

But who is getting the last laugh? I was looking at orange juice in the refrigerated aisle in a local market. Wow, can that be expensive from time to time? I did see a "good deal," though. A sale for two half-gallon cartons for $5. Well, I say half a gallon but technically, it's not.  Several years back I saw that the half-gallon size (64 ounces) was now a slightly lesser amount of 59 ounces.

Upon a closer look though, and after I was already in the cashier's line last week, I removed the juice cartons from my cart and on to the belt. I noticed the print at the bottom of the carton that shows the amount in the container.

Those sneaky brats! Now the "half a gallon" containers are down to 52 ounces. At 1.6 of the size of the two quarts we think we're getting, that's barely over 3/4 of the half gallon we're accustomed to. So if you think you have eight glasses to offer, you now have six.

Ken Pittman/Townsquare Media
Ken Pittman/Townsquare Media

Now I'm on full alert! What else needs a closer look?

This is going to be an all-day venture now. Want to go shopping for your family? Bring your A-game and start writing to these companies who stealthily rip you off. Promise them you will embargo their products or give your money to a more transparent competitor—unless you want to buy food meant for Lilliputians by 2025.

Sure it seems like a small deal, but that's the point—it really is a small deal!

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