Mom's sayings while growing up are some of the best memories today. Every mother has spoken fluent "parentese," as in "I'm going to turn this car around, RIGHT NOW, if you don't stop!"

I honestly thought that I'd end up with obsessive squinting syndrome for sitting too close to the TV, or worse, she threatened that my eyes would permanently lock cross-eyed if I ever tried that again. And as I found out the hard way, money really doesn't grow on trees.

It's so true that being a mother isn't easy. In fact, it's the hardest job in the world with no instructions or manual. Just think of the incredible amount of physical stamina needed to run after the munchkins, no matter how tired you are.

Which brings me to ask: what do mother bears and human moms share in common? For sure, the "mama bear" instinct is primal, from humans to animals – especially bears – as you'll see in the video that was captured in Winchester, Connecticut.

What do you think mama bear is saying to her cubs? I'll give you something to squeal about. I can hear mama bear instructing the bambinos to watch out for those bats and raccoons because they probably have rabies, or eat it or go hungry. Do you think mama bear told her offspring that getting dirty is good for you because it builds your resistance? I can remember my mother saying that to me.

All things considered, there is a mutuality between mothers, whether yours or the watchful and alert mother to those four adorable ursine urchins. And even though they don't listen to mom a great deal, all mothers are like fastened buttons that somehow hold everything together.

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