In the wake of the recent announcement that City on a Hill Charter School (COAH) will cease operations in the current school year, New Bedford Public Schools Superintendent Thomas Anderson has begun the process of addressing students’ concerns and questions, some of which they submitted in writing to NBPS administrators.

“New Bedford Public Schools is committed to the educational success of all students. We know this is a very emotional and somewhat confusing time for parents and students. We have contacted City on a Hill Leadership and I will be meeting with Kevin Taylor, CEO, City on a Hill, early next week to discuss collaboration in this transition process,” said Superintendent Anderson. “We are aware of some specific concerns that were shared with our office by current COAH students. To assist we are providing some information below.” 

The following questions were submitted by COAH students with responses by Superintendent Anderson:

Am I able to transfer halfway through the school year?

Students transfer into New Bedford Public Schools at different times throughout the year. It is not ideal to change schools in the middle of a grading period or mid-year, but students are accommodated.

What paperwork do I need in order to transfer to the New Bedford Public Schools?

When registering with the New Bedford Public Schools, you will need to provide a birth certificate, immunization and medical records, transcripts, two copies of proof of address, parent ID/Guardianship paperwork, and if applicable, an IEP or 504 plan.

How long does the transfer process take?

The transfer process can take three to four days which includes time to verify medical information. The details always depend upon the individual student’s needs.

What grade will I be in at my new school?

This depends on the courses satisfactorily completed at the sending school and the grades earned thus far for current courses.

I am a senior; will I be able to graduate on time?

This is determined by the number of earned credits and current classes. We will work with students to assist them in this process.

What if I did not pass the first two quarters at City on a Hill? Can I still transfer?

Students are able to transfer regardless of their academic standing. Each student’s transcript will be evaluated and placed in the appropriate grade level based on the requirements.

Is there anyone who can help me as I go through this process of transitioning?

We have tremendous staff that are compassionate and understand this is an emotional situation. There are several staff members available to support in this process.

Other questions submitted by students concern the process of transferal of specific course credits and any policy differences that govern their acceptance from one school to another. Answers to these questions will require review on a student-by-student basis.

Superintendent Anderson concluded, “As I’ve previously said, we strive to ensure that all children receive an excellent education, and we are willing to do what is necessary to assist in this situation. New Bedford Public Schools always was and continues to be the best education option for these students.”

Parents/guardians of City on a Hill Charter School students planning to transfer to New Bedford High School are requested to contact:

Office of Superintendent Thomas Anderson

New Bedford Public Schools

Paul Rodriques Administration Building, Room 143

455 County Street

New Bedford, MA 02740

Tel. (508) 997-4511, Ext. 14551 or Ext. 14552

Paul Rodrigues Administration Bldg. hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

— New Bedford Public Schools

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