WARNING: A chemical found in many of the most popular sunscreens has been found to possibly become toxic when it comes in contact with both sun and chlorine! The active ingredient is called AVOBENZONE. Take a look at the sunscreen you're presently using and look on the back of the product. For many brands, avobenzone is the first ingredient. It's a common ingredient in sunscreen. Boston 25 News went to a couple of local drug stores and found avobenzone was in most of the sunscreens on the shelves.

When you think about rubbing our babies with sunscreen that includes this chemical - sends shivers down my spine! How long have we been using sunscreens with avobenzone?

A new, major study conducted in Moscow and published in CHEMOSPHERE JOURNAL, that is now being cited here in the United States, found avobenzone can break down when exposed to a combination of sunlight and chlorinated water, like in a swimming pool, can degrade into some "very harmful" compounds, some of which are known to cause cancer.

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