Were you aware that sudden large amounts of sun exposure that cause major damage to the skin increased the risk of melanoma as much as having a family history? That according to Dr. Abrar Qureshi, chair of dermatology at Brown University's Warren Alpert Medical School.

Go down the sunscreen aisle and there are a dizzying array of choices - sprays, lotions, brand names, generics, you name it. Spray or lotion? Which is more protective? How good is the sunscreen you bought?

How much SPF do you or your children need? Be your own health advocate and find out what is right for you and your family. Hopefully, the following information is helpful.

Consumer Reports recommended some sunscreen products they found to be the best protection:

The best is Banana Boat Ultra Defense Max Skin Protect - SPF 110 - $11.99

A close second Bull Frog Water Armor Sport InstaCool - SPF 50+ - $10.43

Neutrogena Ultimate Sport - SPF 70+ - $9.59

Up & Up (Target) Sport - SPF 50 - $7.99

Well (Walgreens) Sport - SPF 50 - $8.29

Coppertone Water Babies - SPF 50 - $10.99

Equate (Wal-Mart) Ultra Protection - SPF 50 - $8.93