WAREHAM — On Monday at about 7:40 p.m., Wareham Police received a call about a suicidal male armed with a rifle in one of the parking lots of Tobey Hospital.

Police officers converged on the area of the hospital as it was not known what parking lot the vehicle was in. A short while later it was determined that the male was sitting in a vehicle in the lot across from the hospital on High Street.

Officers moved to secure the area and the hospital was advised to go in lockdown. When officers were able to make contact with the male, he shouted obscenities and said he would not be taken alive. Furthermore, he said he was armed with a rifle and was going to force police to shoot him. It was clear this was unfolding as a “suicide by cop” situation.

Wareham police ordered that the Southeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council SWAT unit be brought to the scene. Both High Street and Church Avenue were blocked off and Officer Joseph Cardoza was able to make contact by phone with the subject. The male was extremely agitated and was not cooperating despite the fact that Officer Cardoza was trying to calm him.

After several minutes, the male stepped from his vehicle and it was unclear if he had a firearm. When Officer Cardoza, Acting Chief Walcek, and Sgt. Flannery moved in closer, the male quickly reached behind his back as if to be pulling a weapon, yelling that he was going to shoot. At this point it appeared deadly force was an option, however officers continued to order the male to show his hands. When it was confirmed he had no weapon, officers moved in to subdue the subject.

An “air rifle” was found on the front floor of the vehicle. The male was brought to the emergency room for evaluation under police guard. There were no injuries during the tense stand-off and the incident was secured by 8:25 p.m.

Wareham Police Department

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