It's every child's dream to stumble upon a hidden treasure in their very own home. Think how many hours of youth are spent knocking on hollow walls, digging in the backyard and exploring crawl spaces in the hopes of finding something, anything, of value.

Eight university students did a little exploring in their rented house in Norway. It wasn't treasure they found, but a secret bunker, possibly used during World War II. They posted the photos of their room on Reddit.

I reached out to the poster and asked him a couple of questions about the secret Webster-like bunker hidden deep in the recesses of the attic to find out more. 'Webster.' It was a show...oh just Google it.

"It started a few days ago when our landlord was in to check out a few stuff. He had been here doing something in the attic a month earlier and we just asked casually what it was. He told us that he was looking for a secret room that was rumored to be in the attic. He never told us if he actually found it, but he truly got our attention and we went looking for it right away. After a few hours spread over the next few days we almost gave up, but then [the girl in the photo] sat down and stretched her legs and felt that the wall moved a bit. So thats how we found it, took quite a few pictures and decided to post it on Reddit a day or so after to see what people thought about it."

The students speculate on the age of the room and believe it dates back to World War II, which if you remember from history class, was way before the show 'Webster.'

I asked what the plans were for the room, besides being the world's most awkward make-out spot at their next keg kill.

"Since we don't own the house it's up to our landlord to decide what to do with it next. He only asked us not to touch anything so I'm guessing he has some sort of plans for it."

We know the plans -- he's going to fix it and rent it out to eleven more students. Or would that only happen in America?

Let's see what's behind panel number one.

Well, [slicks hair back] Hello there...[/caption]

And the sign says you've got to have a membership card to get inside HOO!
Old map of pizza places across Eastern Europe.
Alarm that probably sounded when pizza was delivered.
A creepy old doll shoe which should keep everyone out of that room forever.