When a Stoughton animal control officer retrieved a loose dog on Wednesday, they could have never predicted the series of events that would transpire after.

Turns out the little Yorkshire Terrier had been missing for 12 years.

The Stoughton Police Department shared the incredible true story of a standard rescue turned emotional.

Animal Control Officer Michelle Carlos responded to a loose Yorkshire Terrier running down Record Street. Stoughton PD reported the dog was in very rough shape.

“(Carlos) then checked for a microchip and it revealed his name was Rex,” said the department.

Thanks to the microchip, the department was able to locate the owner, and that’s where things get interesting.

Carlos called the owner and was met with pure shock on the other end of the phone. The owner explained to Carlos that Rex had been stolen 11 years ago in Boston.

“Marzena (the owner) had purchased Rex for her family to help ease the pain of losing a family member, only to have Rex taken from them,” said the department.

Marzena and Rex were reunited at the Stoughton Police Station for the first time in over a decade.

It’s not all too often you hear a happy ending like this one. I can’t imagine the pain of having your dog stolen from you. You can see the relief on Marzena’s face when she finally gets to hold Rex again.

It makes me want to squeeze my pets a little tighter today.

“Carlos would like to stress the importance of microchipping your pets,” said the department.

Thanks to that little microchip, Rex and his rightful owner are back together again.

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