Story Land has been a New England staple since it was first founded in 1954. I don't care who you are. If you live in New England, you probably made your first trip to Story Land before you ever thought about going to either Disney World or Disney Land. You just have to do it. It's a milestone for us.

Earlier this morning, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw something from New Hampshire News Network that made me stop dead in my tracks. "BREAKING NEWS: Popular NH Theme Park Set To Close Down This Fall."

New Hampshire News Network Facebook

What is happening?! There's no way this can be true. I panicked and searched for a clue on Story Land's Facebook page and was relieved when I saw this:

"Hello everyone. Please do not believe everything you read on the internet. Story Land is not closing its doors for good this fall. There are many more wonderful years ahead!"

Story Land/Facebook

So there you have it. No need to worry about the family attraction we've loved for over 60 years going away anytime soon.