The Southcoast may be spared the worst of a major winter storm that's expected to roll through the East Coast this weekend.

ABC6 Stormtracker Meteorologist Steve Cascione spoke with WBSM's Phil Paleologos on Thursday and said that while areas like Baltimore are likely to get hit hard, Southeast New England may only get a minor storm event.

"This will take shape as a powerful Mid Atlantic storm places like D.C., and Philly, and some of the Mid Atlantic states could see well over a foot of snow maybe some areas getting as much as two feet," said Cascione "but as the track goes farther south, it would be lesser amounts the further north you go, which would include here in Southern New England."

Cascione expects the timetable for the storm to remain relatively unchanged with the first hints of snow arriving late in the day on Saturday.

"Saturday night would be the impact where we would see some accumulating snow ending early on Sunday morning, " said Cascione.

He adds that the amount of snow you get will depend largely on where you are.

"In the Providence area for example they may see only an inch or two, whereas right along the immediate Southcoast including Southeastern Mass, New Bedford, Fall River, Cape Cod, and the Islands higher amounts," said Cascione "they could see three, four, maybe some areas getting five inches of snow from the snow overnight on Saturday."

Cascione does say winds could increase on Saturday getting very gusty late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

However, he doesn't think that the storm will cause a major disruption in this area.

"This won't be a memorable storm for us if this track continues," said Cascione "something that we could certainly deal with here in Southern New England."

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