You'll be hearing "Yasou" as a greeting at the 2015 Greek Food Festival at St. George Greek Orthodox Church on Cross Road in Dartmouth, MA, September 18, 19 and 20 - but what exactly is being said? The word Yasou is one of those wonderful multi-purpose terms, which is used along with its more formal cousin, Yassas. Both words mean, roughly, "To Your Health!" and can be used as either a greeting for hello and goodbye or, as a toast when drinking - usually Raki, Ouzo or Metaxa! Another easy word is Filotimo. This word only exists in the Greek language and literally means to 'honor your friend.' At the Greek Food Festival, you and your guests will feel the joy of a filotimo atmosphere!

Here are a couple more Greek words: Filoxenia - that translates into embracing a complete stranger with warmth. I believe many Greeks are born with this quality, plus affection, generosity and hospitality. And OPA! - a verbal emotional expression used during celebrations, or while line dancing at the Greek Food Festival. You won't see anyone smashing plates, a Greek tradition, but you will see a lot of smiles, hugs and happy faces enjoying a one-of-a-kind festival filled with Greek delicacies, pastries and beverages! See you there. Visit for hours and details. OPA!!

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