Every year, Crossfit gyms (known within Crossfit circles as "boxes") compete in what is called the Crossfit Open.

For the past three weeks, in every single Crossfit facility in existence, the WOD (or "Workout of the Day") is exactly the same. Athletes compete to get the best scores, which are judged and entered into the Crossfit app, then measured against all of the other Crossfit athletes in the world.

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Of course, there are different age divisions and skill levels to make the open more inclusive, but the standards of each scaling level are closely calibrated and monitored. The top scorers in each division move onto qualifiers to compete in the CrossFit Games for the title of World's Fittest Man and Woman.

As a member at Crossfit Dartmouth, and someone who has been competing in the Crossfit competition for the past eight years, I have really grown to appreciate just how incredible these athletes are. There are, in fact, a number of local athletes who move on to compete at the national and world levels.

The most recent example is Meg Parks, a 51-year-old Marion woman, who works out at Seaside Crossfit and was ranked No. 9 on Earth last season. Parks is currently ranked No. 32 in the world and will move on to compete once again in the qualifier.

Anne Eisenmenger also works out at Seaside Crossfit in Wareham. She is 67 years old and ranked No. 86 in the world for women over 65.

We decided to spotlight the SouthCoast's Fittest Crossfit Athletes, taking the top three men and women from each local Crossfit gym. Take a look:

SouthCoast's Fittest Crossfit Athletes

Using the results from the 2022 Crossfit Open, here are the SouthCoast's Fittest Crossfit Athletes.

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