The "tell me without telling me" trend was one of the most fun things to hit the internet this past year. People use photos or videos to demonstrate that they are part of a group without outright saying they are part of a group. For the most part, they are all pretty funny.

One of the more famous local clips of the #TellMeChallenge was a woman saying "You know you're dealing with a carpenter from Boston when..." and proceeding to show her dad's passenger seat and floor littered in Dunkin' empties, cup trays, and wrappers. It is something we can all definitely relate to because, like the dad in the video, we "like our coffee, you know?"

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My personal favorite comes from a TikTok user @everydaymaggie when she challenged people to "Tell me you live in Boston without telling me you live in Boston." The video splices together normal, everyday Boston scenes of dudes yelling at each other, stringing together oh-so-many four letters words and threatening to throw hands. The accents are as Boston as they come and the behavior is just so wild and expected all at the same time. You can tell by the look on her face and the tone of her voice that's its just another day in the neighborhood; nothing to see here. The very hum-ho Spongebob music bed just adds to the the whole thing. It is very NSFW and leaves me in hysterics no matter how many times I watch it.

We asked our audience to tell us without telling us that they are SouthCoasters and the answers did not disappoint. They are a combination of our Portuguese heritage and coastal living with a few fun cultural references thrown in.

While we've yet to see any great "tell me you're from the SouthCoast without telling me you're from the SouthCoast" videos, we did get a lot of great photo responses for our audience.

Our Favorite Southcoast Photo Responses to “Tell Us Without Telling Us”

We asked and you answered with some of the most SouthCoast images we could ask for.

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