As any supermarket shopper can tell you these days, the shelves are bare. Between shipping issues, storm stockpiling and staffing shortages, keeping the market stocked has been hard on everyone.

From staple items like pasta and rice to random specialty things like panko crumbs or canned biscuits, it seems you never know if you're going to find the food you want when you make your weekly trip to the supermarket.

Just last week, I really wanted a tube of canned biscuits for a winter recipe I love to make and came up empty time and time again. I tried four different markets and never found what I was looking for, but then I tried something different.

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While grabbing diapers and napkins from my local Target, I decided to see if they might have any biscuits for me. Lo and behold, several cans of Grands biscuits were in the refrigerator section just waiting for me to take them home and cook them up. I was psyched. I also ended up buying quite a few food market items from Target that day and the selection and prices were pretty great.

I know I am not alone on this one. We are all struggling to find the foods we love in recent weeks. Even worse is when you can't find the foods your kids love, especially if you have super-picky eaters.

Well it turns out you may not just have to go without. There could be places across the SouthCoast you aren't thinking of when you think food. These places could just be the spot to stop and see if they have that one thing you're looking for.

Surprising SouthCoast Spots for Groceries

When the supermarket shelves are bare where do you turn to get the foods you love? There are some spots you may not be thinking of across the SouthCoast that also keep their shelves stocked with snacks, staples and more.

Here are 50 of your favorite retail chains that no longer exist.


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