Fall is quickly approaching, and soon, pops of autumn color will take over as homes box up their summer decor and trade it all in for fall accents. While many of us have a Pinterest board filled with fall inspo, few of us can bring it to life quite like a professional can.

That’s where SouthCoast Pumpkin Co. comes in.

As they enter their first season as business partners, Alyssa and Kurt Carvalho of Swansea aim to bring the fall season right to your doorstep with perfectly curated pumpkin scenes.

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The Owners of SouthCoast Pumpkin Co.

Alyssa Carvalho has a passion for decorating. She has done plenty of interior decorating for friends and family over the years, and when the holiday season rolls around, her house is always decked out.

When Alyssa and Kurt had their first child five months ago, Alyssa entered her “stay-at-home decorating” phase and began brainstorming on how to balance mom life and work life.

With fall being her all-time favorite season, she and Kurt decided to go all-in and create SouthCoast Pumpkin Co., a concierge pumpkin porch design and delivery service.

How It Works

SouthCoast Pumpkin Co. aims to give residents and commercial businesses the “Pinterest-perfect porch." Customers can choose from a number of packages on the SouthCoast Pumpkin Co. website, and from there, the Carvalhos will transform your porch or walkway into a beautiful fall landscape.

“We will also go to peoples’ homes and take pictures of their porches and doorsteps, and complete mock-ups for people," Alyssa said. “We clean each pumpkin, bring them to the location, arrange them and spray them with non-toxic spray to keep the animals away.”

The Carvalhos will even come to pick up the pumpkins at the end of the season and donate them to local farms for the animals to enjoy.

Carvalho understands that the fall season is a busy one for parents as school starts up and sports begin again, so she aims to make the joy of fall decorations easier to accomplish.

“If we can take that stress away from people and make it easier for people to have that Pinterest-perfect porch, we’ll provide it,” she said.

The Carvalhos look forward to bringing a sense of seasonal joy to the neighborhood.

As SouthCoast Pumpkin Co. puts it, “Who doesn’t love pumpkins? There’s no other service like it.”

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