I am by no means looking to have a baby anytime soon, but I have loved ones in my life who are growing their families and I cannot wait to meet the new tiny humans.

Other than guessing the gender of the new bundle of joy, one of my favorite things to do when a relative or friend is expecting is guess what the name of the baby will be. I've even had the honor of helping a mom come up with a name that both parents approved. There are things you should do before naming a child in order to be sure that you have the right fit.

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Consider Languages and Accents

Think of how the name sounds when your tia says it with her Portuguese accent. Does it flow freely, or is it a struggle? Is your own regional accent making it sound like an entirely different name? Also, does it translate sweetly, or did you just make your avo blush? I experienced this myself when I was telling my grandmother about a Disney movie called Brave. The main character was an Irish princess named "Merida." For those of you familiar with the Portuguese swear, can you see where I am going with this?

Consider How the First and Last Name Match

Repeat both names over and over again to make sure you like how they flow together. Is it a tongue-twister? Does it sound strong? Does it sound like a joke? If your last name is Dover, please do not name your kid Benjamin.

Consider Possible Nicknames

This is a no-brainer, but you should think about what your child will be called when he or she goes to school and the kids refuse to say a full name. My brother Nicholas was never once called Nick until he went to Kindergarten. At least we can tolerate that shortened version. Also, think of any names that potential bullies would come up with for your kid. Having braces in middle school meant being called Kasey-Bracey for three years. Thanks, mom and dad.

Consider the Initials

It should go without saying, but make sure that the initials do not spell out a terrible word. Anna Sophia Silvia sounds great until it doesn't.

Consider the Origin and Meaning of the Name

Think about if your child can live up to the meaning behind the name, or if you would even want that. Lucifer may be a hit show wrapping up with its last season on Netflix, but it's still not ideal for a baby name for obvious reasons.

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