We all know the trends travel west to east and sometimes what’s been all the rage in California will eventually hit our shores a few years later.

That’s what’s currently happening in the luxury picnic arena. This concept – a pop-up picnic, as some may call it – is essentially what happens when a very detail-oriented event planner packs up their ideas into a wicker basket and creates the dreamiest picnic you can imagine.

My social feed has been sprinkling in a few photos of these pop-up picnics from around the area lately and their earthy, bo-ho vibes definitely caught my attention. But I know these people in real life, and they do not have the time or resources to create these amazing looking picnic setups. It was clear right away that this was something they somehow rented and it is the best idea ever.

Wicked Picnics via Facebook
Wicked Picnics via Facebook

Currently, two local companies can plan the luxury picnic experience of your dreams – whether you want to surprise someone in their own backyard or treat someone to a one-of-a-kind dining experience in their favorite public park.

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Your luxury picnic requires no work on your part, other than showing up, of course. They’ll take care of the picnic setup entirely. Need a table for two? Done. Need a brunch for the bunch? Done.

Your picnic will have a low table, plenty of oversized cozy floor pillows set atop a rug, and a tablescape so gorgeous you may be wondering where the bride is hiding. How can you not win the day with flowers, candles, and charcuterie boards overlooking the ocean?

We’ll probably be seeing a lot of pumpkin, fall-themed luxury picnic scenes creeping into our news feeds in the next few weeks and we are here for it.

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